On Monday, 4/19, come to your station to pick up a button. Remember to wear the FAIR CONTRACT button all day on Tuesday and attend the membership meeting at 6pm.

Instructions for pickup at each station below. Contact your shop steward or Contact Action Team member for more information.

- Come early and find Gary Swinson-202-652-7999

- JT, Bernard, WC-301-233-8661, David Miles-240-691-7627

Southeast- 6:00am-10:00am Brooks and Wade Davis-202-320-2273, Mike Matthews-240-606-7427

Dominick Hunter-240-210-6977, Stephon Lewis-240-354-0502- underground and above ground crews
Milton Harris- Corrosion, Meter readers- 202-412-0465
Barry Fox- 571-991-7679 Meter shop and back building- Tuesday AM-
Charlie Quaid-240-210-6043 Radio shop- Monday AM

Ravensworth- Scotty Anckner 703-509-2310

Pressure- VA area- Steve Lindsey- 240-309-8446