American Income Life Insurance Company (AIL) Signup Card

As an active member, retiree or staff member of IBT Local 96, you have a no-cost $3,500 Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefit. This benefit and others listed below are provided jointly through IBT Local 96 and American Income Life Insurance Company (AIL), a 100% union company serving working families just like yours.

AIL currently has over 860,000 IBT members covered under AD&D policies at no cost. Since 1990, more than $139.2 million in life, health, and no-cost AD&D benefits has been paid to over 110,000 IBT members and their families.

You can respond to this offer online at Use access code SG6VF. 

You were also mailed an enrollment card. You can also fill that out to receive your certificate of coverage and name your beneficiary. If you do not name your beneficiary, the $3,500 would be paid to your estate and may be taxable. 

An AIL representative, who is a member of OPEIU Local 277, will call on you to deliver your certificate of coverage, provide your no-cost benefits, and witness your beneficiary designation. AIL has other supplemental insurance programs, presented in the spirit of "Be Union — Buy Union," available strictly on a voluntary basis. If you have questions, please call American Income Life Insurance Company at 1-800-495-1213.

Those who return the card can receive a Health Services Discount Card for you and your family at no cost that provides household discounts of 10% to 60% on prescriptions, hearing care, vision care/products and chiropractic care. Optional discount dental is available.

You can also receive Child Safe Kits for your children and grandchildren at no cost. These kits help you gather vital data, photos and fingerprints for authorities in the event of an emergency.