We have held two marathon sessions of negotiations this week with the company on COVID-19 health and safety issues and a possible contract extension.

We've reached tentative agreements with the company on numerous COVID-19 issues, including PPE, paid leave for members who are directed to self-quarantine, and the right to refuse to work in proximity to co-workers or the public if you do not have the proper PPE.
These are must-have protections to protect Local 96 members, our families, and the public. We are here to serve our communities, not to spread this virus. 
Management came to the union and requested a contract extension. Negotiations will continue today and our goal is to reach a fair agreement on an extension that keeps our current contract in place but provides a fair pay increase that takes into account that we are working in a pandemic. 
The company has tentatively agreed to COVID-19 protections to keep workers and the public safe. 
Today, we will find out if we can reach an agreement on an extension of our current contract or if we will begin negotiating a new agreement.