In the middle of the worst pandemic and economic crisis of our lives, Local 96 members have won a one-year contract extension that delivers economic security and COVID-19 protections.

A membership vote to approve the contract extension will be held via online and telephone voting. You will be mailed a ballot packet and voting instructions on Tuesday, April 21. 

Your ballot packet will include all contract terms. Here is a highlight of what we won in the contract extension.

Wage Increases

With 20 million out of work and the economy in crisis, we won a 2.4% wage increase that provides economic security through May 2021.

Short-Term Disability

If you test positive for COVID-19 and need more than 14 days to recover, you will be immediately eligible for short-term disability pay. The five-day waiting period will be waived

Three Extra Months of Wage Increases

Normally, our raise takes effect on June 1. This raise takes effect on March 9, which means we will collect our raise for three extra months.

Paid Family Medical Leave Benefits

You can use up to 80 hours of PTOA if you have to self-quarantine to care for a sick family member or to address childcare issues caused by COVID-19.

Paid Leave For COVID-19

Anyone who tests positive or has to self-quarantine for COVID-19 will get 14 days of paid leave. There will be no discipline or ROE/ABP penalty for COVID-19 absences

PPE & the Right to Refuse Unsafe Work

WGL must issue proper PPE and you can refuse to work within six feet of co-workers or the public if WGL does not issue you proper PPE


A copy of all contract extension terms will be mailed to you with your ballot packet on Tuesday, April 21.