After ten days of negotiations, including three days this week, we are far from reaching a tentative agreement with Management. 

The contract has not been renegotiated for six years, so there is a lot of language updating needed.  While a number of relatively minor issues have been resolved, major economic issues like wages and insurance costs are still not even on the table.

Management is refusing to address important union proposals on issues such as:

  • Overtime for hours worked over 8 (or 10) in a day;
  • Compensation for employees passed over for overtime;
  • Union right to bargain over impact of new technology;
  • Discipline based solely on technology surveillance; and
  • Not including wellness check in performance evaluations.

Management is also refusing to budge on their proposals to

  • Do away with our no layoff clause;
  • Allow other Alta employees to cross union lines and do our work; and
  • Trying to get rid of double time for mutual aid.

Your committee is working hard to reach an Agreement we can recommend to bring back to you to for a YES vote, but we’re a long way from that.

Solidarity is the key to winning a good contract.  We need to show Management that the members are united behind the negotiating committee and willing to take collective action.

96 Teamsters: keep wearing your button and standing up for a Fair Contract. Stay tuned for next steps!