Your negotiating committee met with management on Tuesday and Thursday. Management is still not budging on their proposals on mutual aid and their giveback demands to eliminate our job security and No Layoffs protections.

We are going to have to turn up the heat until they get the message that we are essential, not disposable.


We did make some good progress on improving language on discipline, Drive-Cam points, and the Drug and Alcohol Policy. We continue to have issues with Management not providing necessary information, which is an Unfair Labor Practice under U.S. labor law. 

What's Next?

Management will be putting their initial economic proposal on the table at our next meeting on Tuesday. 

The Contract Action Team is meeting on Saturday to discuss next steps. Each and every one of us needs to answer the call next week  and be ready to take action to show management that we're united and sticking together to win the contract we deserve.

Stay tuned for the upcoming call to action from Local 96 and the Contract Action Team.