We have been hearing multiple reports of members calling in to medical with health concerns, only to be interrogated and given medical advice by those who are not healthcare professionals. This is unacceptable and we are going to fight to protect any member who feels they have been subjected to this kind of medical harassment. 

Some members have also reported receiving negative COVID-19 tests but then are still told that they can’t return to their job and get paid for a day’s work. That’s not right. 

We advise members to not talk with Medical unless they have their union steward or other union representative present. This is your right as a Local 96 member. 

Your Right to Union Representation

Union members have the right to union representation during any conversation with a supervisor or manager that could lead to discipline.

These rights have been upheld by the Supreme Court and they are known as Weingarten Rights. This means that you have the right to Union Representation when management is conducting any kind of investigation, be it into your numbers or an accident.

If management calls you into the office or talks to you about your job performance, an accident, or anything that could lead to discipline, ask for your shop steward.

Your steward has the right to know what the meeting is about and to meet with you to talk before the meeting starts.

You also have a right to take a break during the meeting and talk to your steward privately. Just say you want to go in the hallway and “caucus” with your steward.

Use a caucus to ask questions, to fill your shop steward in on important facts and to get on the same page.