Local 96 members have overwhelmingly approved a one-year extension of our union contract with Washington Gas that delivers three extra months of wage increases.


Normally, our raise takes effect on June 1. Under the extension, our raise takes effect on March 9, which means we will get 15 months of raises in a one-year deal.

You will get two months of retro pay, beginning with the paycheck on May 22, and your raise will take effect going forward.

Eighty-seven percent of members approved the agreement by a vote of 279 to 40. 

See the Official Voting Results from BallotPoint. 

COVID-19 Protections

The contract extension also includes a wide range of COVID-19 protections:

Paid Leave for COVID-19: Anyone who tests positive or has to self-quarantine for COVID-19 will get 14 days of paid leave. There will be no discipline or ROE/ABP penalty for COVID-19 absences.  If you test positive for COVID-19 and need more than 14 days to recover, you will be immediately eligible for short-term disability pay. The five-day waiting period will be waived.

Paid Family Medical Leave: You can use up to 80 hours of PTOA if you have to self-quarantine to care for a sick family member or to address childcare issues caused by COVID-19.

PPE & the Right to Refuse Unsafe Work: WGL must issue proper PPE and you can refuse to work within six feet of co-workers or the public if WGL does not issue you proper PPE.

Teamster Strong

Thirty million Americans are unemployed. During the worst pandemic and economic crisis of our lives, we won an agreement that provides economic security and COVID-19 protections.

We won these gains because of the unity and participation of Local 96 members and the Contract Action Team.

Together, we have achieved a new beginning and built a strong foundation for the future. When negotiations begin on a new contract next year, we’ll be ready!

Click here to review the contract vote results.