Teamsters at Washington Gas have voted by 97 percent to authorize a strike. With 80 percent of the membership voting, the count was 462-13 in favor of authorizing a strike.


The overwhelming vote sends AltaGas the clearest possible message of how insulted and disrespected members are by the company negotiator’s demand that we choose between a lowball wage offer or massive healthcare cuts. 

Local 96 members deserve fair wage increases and healthcare. It’s not that complicated. 

AltaGas is based in Canada. Their executives receive free healthcare through Canada’s Single Payer Healthcare system. But the company wants U.S. workers in our nation’s capital to pay massive increases for our healthcare coverage after working through a pandemic. 

Your Bargaining Committee will return to the negotiating table today. With our contract expiring on May 31, the ball is in AltaGas’s court. 

Local 96 members have spoken loud and clear. We will see if anyone at AltaGas is listening. Stay tuned.