Rally Alert- May 13

📣Get ready to make some noise for a FAIR CONTRACT📣

Here are some chants you can use:

What do we want? FAIR CONTRACT!

When do we want it?  NOW!


When job security's under attack, what do we do?


What do we do?



Who’s Got the Power? WE'VE GOT THE POWER!

What kind of Power?  UNION POWER!

Bargaining Update on Economics- 5/11

Management made a first economic offer today.  Their wage proposal was 1% the first year, 1.25% the second, 1.25% the third, 2% the fourth, and 2% the fifth year. 

On insurance, they are looking to double deductibles over the term of the contract. 

They are not budging on eliminating the no layoff clause, mutual aid, and daily overtime.   

Special Membership Meeting on Contract Negotiations, Tuesday May 11th 6pm

Washington Gas will puts its economic proposals on the table in bargaining on Tuesday.

Join a Special Membership Meeting on Zoom on Tuesday at 6:00pm to get an important update on negotiations and to plan the next steps in our campaign to win a fair contract. 

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 86094182738


Contract Negotiations Update 5/6/21

Your negotiating committee met with management on Tuesday and Thursday. Management is still not budging on their proposals on mutual aid and their giveback demands to eliminate our job security and No Layoffs protections.

We are going to have to turn up the heat until they get the message that we are essential, not disposable.

Local 96 Bargaining Update 4/29/21

After ten days of negotiations, including three days this week, we are far from reaching a tentative agreement with Management. 

The contract has not been renegotiated for six years, so there is a lot of language updating needed.  While a number of relatively minor issues have been resolved, major economic issues like wages and insurance costs are still not even on the table.

Local 96 On the Job Pictures


This week, Local 96 Teamsters are proudly wearing their FAIR CONTRACT buttons and showing unity and support for a fair contract while out on the job, in the parking lot, and in the stations. Lets stay strong and fight as one for the contract we deserve!

Pick Up Your Fair Contract Button on Monday

On Monday, 4/19, come to your station to pick up a button. Remember to wear the FAIR CONTRACT button all day on Tuesday and attend the membership meeting at 6pm.

Instructions for pickup at each station below. Contact your shop steward or Contact Action Team member for more information.

Contract Update #3, April 15th 2021

Your negotiating committee spent long days on Tuesday and Thursday negotiating with Management.  So far, management has rejected most of the Union’s proposals, but we did make progress on some issues.


Contract Update, April 10

Your Contract Negotiating Committee has met with management three times. Read the latest contract update on the proposals we've presented to management and the 18 proposals the company has responded with. Share this information with other Teamsters and be ready to act together to win the contract we deserve. 


Contract Negotiations Update 2021

Contract negotiations began today, and the Bargaining Committee is taking your issues to the bargaining table. 

More than 400 members filled out our Teamster Contract Survey in just one week. The results show that members are united on our priorities for a fair contract, including: Wage Increases, Job Security, and Healthcare.