A Local 96 Teamster has tested positive at the Chillum Station. The worksite is being closed down and thoroughly sanitized under directions from the CDC.

The identity of the individual who tested positive will be kept confidential. Members who have had direct contact with this co-worker will be notified and advised by health authorities. 

President Wilder Reed has personally visited the workplace to monitor the company’s compliance with its responsibilities. 

This episode brings home the seriousness of this pandemic, the courage of this workforce, and the importance of the COVID-19 protections we have won as a union.

The member will be able to self-quarantine with paid leave under the tentative agreement we have just negotiated. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with our fellow Teamster. Use your PPE. Follow the guidelines in place to protect yourself. 

Stay safe and stay united. We will get through this together.