Your Union Negotiating Committee met with Management on Tuesday and Thursday.  Serving on the Committee are Head Shop Steward Brian Pingley, Shop Steward Jeremy Ebersole, Local 96 President Wilder Reed, and Local 96 Vice-President J.T. Bowers. 

Discussions focused on contract language changes.  Wages will be on the table next Tuesday. 

We made progress on clarifying that there is no requirement for CDL HazMat endorsement. We fixed the “Long and Faithful Service” language and clarified that employees who lose their DOT Medical cards will have positions available to continue employment.   

The Union presented a proposal to protect on-call employees from having their shifts extended, outside of emergency situations. Our proposal would increase compensation when performing on-call work. 

We also discussed facilities and fleet upgrades.   

What's Next?

It is important to show Management that we are united for a Fair Contract. Please see Jeremy tomorrow- Friday morning to get a button and a mask and wear them all day to show solidarity.

On Monday, July 12th at 6:00pm there will be a Zoom meeting for all Local 96 members employed at Shenandoah Station. Click here to join.