Shop Stewards Tips for Disciplinary Cases

  •  Always insist that you or another steward are called by management to represent members who are being disciplined in any way. If you are denied your right to represent, contact Local 96 and file a grievance.

  • At the initial disciplinary hearing listen carefully to the Employer’s case. Ask questions and keep good notes.
  • If you cannot get the Employer to drop the proposed discipline, write a grievance protesting the discipline or proposed discipline. If you need help writing the grievance, get the member’s information and call Local 96. 
  • File a grievance for any member terminated or suspended no matter how bad you may think the case looks. Contact Local 96 for guidance.

  • Immediately notify the Union of all disciplinary cases, especially terminations and suspensions. Turn in all notes and evidence from the initial disciplinary hearing to a Union Rep.