Get answers to frequently asked questions about the strike authorization vote. 


Q:  When and where is the strike authorization vote?

A:  The strike authorization vote will be held in person on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning at each major station. Click here for details on locations and voting times.

There will be no online or absentee voting. To cast your ballot, you need to vote off-the-clock, in person, at your nearest major station. 


Q:  Why is Local 96 holding a strike authorization vote?

A: We came very close to reaching an agreement on a new contract today. But management made that impossible by demanding that we choose between a lowball wage offer or healthcare cuts. As a result, we will be proceeding with a strike authorization vote on Wednesday and Thursday. 

The company has committed an unfair labor practice by refusing to provide information that the union is entitled to for the purposes of bargaining. 

The Bargaining Committee will do everything that we can to reach a fair agreement without a strike.  A strike authorization will help us to defeat the unfair demands by the management.


Q:  Is the Bargaining Committee recommending that we Vote Yes to authorize a strike?

YES.  The Bargaining Committee and Contract Action Team recommends that you vote YES to authorize a strike. With days left before the contract expires, management needs to see that we are united as a union to win a fair contract. 


Q:  If I vote yes on Thursday, does that mean we are going on strike? 

A:  NO. If management makes a final contract offer, it will be put to a vote of the membership before any strike action is taken.


Q: What would a No Vote mean?

A: A vote against strike authorization means that we can continue to negotiate with management, but we will lose bargaining leverage and management will have less reason to make a fair offer. 


Q:  Do we have a strike fund or any strike benefits in place?

A:  Weekly strike benefits are paid by the International Union at the rate of five times your monthly dues.  For example: if you pay $90/month in dues, you will receive $450/week in strike pay. 


Q:  In the event of a strike, what would happen to our health insurance?

A:  Your healthcare coverage is secure. Federal law (the American Recovery Act) requires the company to maintain our healthcare coverage and provide COBRA for free.