Over 500 Teamsters filled out our Contract Survey. The results show that Washington Gas workers are united for a fair contract.

We've tallied up the results of the contract survey. Here are just a few issues where we come together:

Fair Wage Increases

Our wages need to keep up with the times. More than 75% of members listed wage increases in their top two economic issues. A low-ball wage offer is a nonstarter.

Affordable Healthcare

The rising cost of our healthcare is a major issue. Two-thirds of members said that healthcare premiums are too high and unfair.

Stop Unfair Discipline

Ninety percent of members say it's extremely important or very important to win stronger protections from unfair discipline.

Retirement Security

Workers' retirement benefits are under attack. Local 96 members will fight for our retirement security.


We will follow the guidelines of public health officials. In the event that the Coronavirus forces us to cancel our Contract Kickoff, we will notify you immediately. 

Stay strong. Stay involved. Stay united!

United, we bargain! Divided, we beg!