Presenting or Settling the Grievance

Once you have fully investigated the case and decided it should be grieved, prepare yourself and the grievant to give the best possible presentation to management.

Your goal is to solve the problem at the lowest step of the grievance process. Careful preparation will make this more likely.

Decide what role the steward and the grievant will play in the grievance meeting. You will want to brief the grievant on what to expect prior to meeting with management. If you and the grievant are well prepared, you may be able to resolve the grievance at Step One of the grievance procedure.

At a minimum, your preparation should ensure a reasonable discussion rather than one you "make up" as you go along. Remember, the goal of any discussion is to gain an agreement both sides can live with.

How do we persuade management? How do we conduct ourselves in a grievance meeting? Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Outline your presentation.

  • Prepare an agenda, notes.

  • Brief member before the meeting.

  • Stay on track.

  • Be professional.

  • Don't argue-persuade.

  • Justify your position with good examples, evidence or proof.

  • Keep your member focused, and on track.

  • Ask lots of questions about management's position, and reasoning.

  • Present a fair remedy, justify the remedy.

  • Cite the contract.

  • Take a break or "caucus" if needed to consult with the grievant.

  • Take notes.

It's your meeting. Have a plan and be assertive.