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Knowing your Union Contract is key to enforcing your rights on the job. Every member is entitled to a printed copy, just ask your union representative!

Washington Gas, 2021 - 2026

Washington Gas Shenadoah District, 2015 - 2020


Union members have the right to union representation during any conversation with a supervisor or manager that could lead to discipline.

These rights have been upheld by the Supreme Court and they are known as Weingarten Rights. This means that you have the right to Union Representation when management is conducting any kind of investigation, be it into your numbers or an accident.

If management calls you into the office or talks to you about your job performance, an accident, or anything that could lead to discipline, ask for your shop steward.

Your steward has the right to know what the meeting is about and to meet with you to talk before the meeting starts.

You also have a right to take a break during the meeting and talk to your steward privately. Just say you want to go in the hallway and “caucus” with your steward.

Use a caucus to ask questions, to fill your shop steward in on important facts and to get on the same page. 

Carefirst – 1-800-628-8549

Vision (VSP) – 1-800-877-7195

Delta Dental – 1-800-237-6060

AON Weil Pension Center – 1-866-427-8104

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) gives us rights to to take time off to care of our medical needs and our family members. 

If you have worked at Washington Gas for 12 months, and have 1,250 hours in those 12 months, you are covered by FMLA.

That means you can take off up to 60 days for a medical issue, to care for a seriously ill family member, or to take care of a new child. Find out more here.

Injured on the job? Get advice on workers compensation from the law firm of Ashcraft & Gerel.

Christine Vondersmith-Hogarth, Union Liaison, [email protected], 410-385-3284

Allen Lowe, Esquire, [email protected]


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Teamster Privilege offers many benefits, including credit cards and insurance discounts.

Click here to find out about other perks.

Applications are available for the James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship.

In addition to the academic scholarship, the fund offers a Training and Vocational Scholarship.

Apply here.

Get a withdrawal card from Local 96 ifyou leave employment with Washington Gas for any reason. This includes FMLA, retirement, layoff, resignation, discharge, military leave, disability or compensation. 

Call Local 96 at 240-619-3151 immediately to request a withdrawal card.

When a member has a withdrawal card, he/she is not required to pay union dues for the time he/she is out.

There is no charge for a withdrawal card. In order for your card to be processed, your dues must be paid up to date.

Failure to obtain a withdrawal card will result in you continuing to accrue a monthly dues obligation.

If you are out on Short-Term Disability (STD) and want to retire, call WGL Benefits and request the paperwork and instructions for retiring. 

Keep your STD claim active until your are informed that all of the required paperwork is complete and processed. 

You do not have to return to work during this process.  

Once your retirement has been approved, then call Met Life to close out their STD claim.

Click here to learn more about American Income Life Insurance Company (AIL) and fill out a card to get your certificate and register your beneficiary.


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