Your Local 96 Bargaining Committee continued talks with Washington Gas on urgent COVID-19 protections on Wednesday, April 1.

We made some progress toward an agreement that would provide for paid leave for employees who are sick, have to self-quarantine, or are otherwise affected by the coronavirus. 

We also made some progress toward an agreement on additional hazard pay to compensate us for working during a dangerous pandemic, especially frontline employees who are exposed to the public and run the greatest risks.   

We have also given management a proposal that Washington Gas comply with OSHA guidelines by providing workers with personal protective equipment and agreeing to a protocol with our union on the steps management will take if an employee tests positive or shows symptoms of COVID-19.

We did not reach any final agreements on any of these issues. We will meet with the company again tomorrow and management will present a proposal there.

We have made it clear to management that this situation is urgent. Teamsters at Washington Gas are working in a pandemic and facing serious health and safety issues every day. 

We call on management to meet the urgency of the moment. Together, we can reach an agreement that protects worker safety and public health.