Join Local 96 members at your stations at 6 a.m. on Thursday to Blow the Whistle on Corporate Greed and demand a fair contract. 

Our contract campaign is growing in strength, unity and solidarity. Over 350 members attended our Union Meeting last night to get an update on negotiations and make plans for our next steps. 


On Tuesday, your union bargaining team put our economic package on the table that protects our healthcare and provides fair wage increases.

Management showed some movement. But they continue to dig in on key issues, including eliminating job security and No Layoff protections for all members, using nonunion workers to do mutual aid, raising healthcare costs, safety, and raises that would reduce our real wages after inflation. 

The company has also refused to provide information that the union is legally entitled to for bargaining. 


Negotiations will continue on Thursday. Report to your stations at 6 a.m. to Blow the Whistle on Corporate Greed and show management we're united for a fair contract. Make sure that you report on time to work. No exceptions. 

Your Negotiating Committee will also meet with management next Tuesday. If we do not have a contract offer that we can recommend to the membership, we will hold a strike authorization vote next week. This will be a vote to authorize a strike, not to go on strike.  We are still under contract. Before any strike is called, there will be another vote of the members.


* In the event of a strike, your healthcare coverage is secure. Normally, striking workers lose their healthcare coverage unless they pay COBRA. But the recently signed American Recovery Act requires the company to maintain our healthcare coverage and provide COBRA for free.

* Management may ask for take-home vehicles & keys to be returned by May 31 or before if you are going on vacation. Don't be surprised or alarmed by this request. We are not sweating this. Alta Gas needs us.